We see and hear PLC success stories everyday!

My daughter entered into school early since she has a late birthday, so she keeps up but needs extra support in the area of reading. After attending Prudence Learning Center, she got the confidence boost she needed and her teachers and I saw a huge improvement in her reading scores. For tutoring to be successful and child has to like and be able to relate to her tutor. My daughter loves going to tutoring sessions with no complaints! -Iesha Mullins, Happy Mom

I greatly benefited from the PUSH CLASS. I was stretched beyond my normal capacity for sure. As a result I have been able to accomplish many things that was a part of my vision. I learned how to keep moving forward in spite of many obstacles. I completed my second CD Project entitled IT’s ALL. ABOUT LOVE vol. 1. It is available on CD Baby.com ITunes and Amazon.com. I am doing paid comedy events, acting in plays while I still continue to read more and apply all the things I have learned. I am so grateful for Cynthia Pugh giving me an opportunity to grow and improve my life. God bless you! -Rosetta

Prudence Learning Center has allowed my son to reach his fullest potential in Math, Reading, and Science. With dedicated staff members who are devoted to the understanding of individual needs, success is inevitable. Through the programming offered, my son is more engaging, confident, and passionate about his education. If you are looking for a safe and structured place, with knowledgeable and caring staff that has innovative ideas when it comes to learning dynamics, consider sending your child to Prudence Learning Center. -Bev