Reading Room

PLC is proud to announce that on June 3, 2013, our Reading Room program will begin! This program will allow your child to become more comfortable with reading to themselves and aloud. Registration begins on Monday at 9:00 am. For this registration, a parent-student agreement form and emergency contact form must be completed.

Following registration, at 9:15-9:45, we well begin self-paced quite reading. During this thirty minute time period, students can read their assigned summer readings. Also, for those who do not have assigned readings, they will be able to choose a book from the PLC library. In addition to the PLC library, students can also select a book from the recommended reading list on CMH. There will be an iPad available for the students to download these books but, they must have a valid library card on hand. A minimum of three books should be selected for the student to download because it is possible one of the books will not be available. 

After self-paced quite reading, the students will be given a ten minute break (9:46-9:56 am). This will allow them use the restroom, stretch their legs and grad a light snack. Next will follow the rotation of reading aloud to a Reading Coordinator from 10:00-10:30 am. Students will read silently to themselves until called upon to read aloud for two to three minutes. During these few minutes, the Reading Coordinator will have one on one time with a student and will assist them with pronunciation and comprehension of their reading materials. 

After all students have participated in the reading rotation, they will then complete a summary page for the days reading (10:31-10:46 am). This will also be a time that will allow them to complete a spelling test. We will then conclude the day, around 11 am, with a few fun games including chess, checkers and pentago. 

If you and your student(s) are interested in PLC’s Reading Room, please do not hesitate to call! All of our information is on the page titled “contact us” which is located above. We are glad to answer all of your questions about PLC’s programs. Also, do not forgot to look at our “upcoming events” for our future Reading Room dates as well as other fun events.  


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