What is PUSH?

  • PUSH is a leader development course.
  • PUSH is designed to propel you towards the fufillment of the dreams and purposes of your singular design.
  • PUSH is a challenge to step outside of your comfort zone to control your destiny!


  • Unique opportunities available to people resulting from the 21st Century economic crisis.
  • You have untapped talent lying dormant (Potential Energy)
  • Your deams abound but action is necessary to yield results.
  • Focus your effort and resources (Kinetic Energy)

Three Reasons to PUSH:

  • FEAR – one of the greatest enemies used against many people reaching toward their dreams.
  • MENTORSHIP – unique opportunity to learn from past mistakes; connect with others moving in a similar direction.
  • CHANGE – Current State is Unbearable and Unacceptable

Who has completed the PUSH course?

  • Career Professionals wanting to rejuvenate their career
  • Including Retirees wanting to improve public speaking skills, and Professionals wanting to move to a new field
  • Entrepreneurs interested in opening or growing their business to the next level
  • Past participants includes caterers, bakers, pet-sitters, educators, green designers and cleaners, professional entertainers, professional vocalists, inventors, home health care providers and Community Service Providers to our youth.

PUSH Commitments/Requirements:

  • Must be able to commit to 8 – 10 hours, outside of class, per week to complete reading assignments and homework
  • Must be a self-motivator and self starter
  • During the six week session, must not miss more than two classes (this is standard with many six week learning formats)

Interested in the PUSH course? Feel free to Contact Us!