A Night of Fun!

Tonight, May 31, 2013, was our scheduled movie and game night! This was a night for us to just unwind and enjoy the company of great people. Quite a few students, along with their parents, came to partake in the snacks, music, games and family friendly movie.

The night began at 6pm when a couple of students came through our doors ready to have fun. So, the decision was made that they best way to begin our night was to dance* to a few old school, Jackson 5, songs. After dancing, it was game time! The students chose to play Boggle**, a game that forced everyone to use their minds and spell as many words as they could within the alloted time. Finally, after many rounds of Boggle, it was time to grab our snacks and wrap up the night with a movie, The Wiz.

All in all, it was a great night. Our only hope is that more people come to enjoy the fun that PLC has to offer during our next movie and game night! If you are wondering when our next night of fun is, please refer to the tab above titled “upcoming events.” Also feel free to “contact us” with any other questions and concerns.


*One of our students enjoying the music.


**An intense, yet fun, game of Boggle.

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